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For Students and Managers

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In 2017, Dr. Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic founded Help Bridge (HB), a program specializing in leadership and social justice education. Using an Integrated Wellness framework, HB offers workshops and unique academic training about leadership and social justice. Howard-Bostic is also a licensed qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Continuum and the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). HB topics for specialized training include multiculturalism, cultural integration, self-exploration, healthy communication, ethics, leadership, and social justice. The activities explore customs and values in diverse and changing environments. HB encourages self-exploration about unique interactions, conversations, and observations. The workshops will develop participants’ ability to communicate clearly, build trust, and strengthen relationships. Workshops are also designed to help others make educated decisions about social issues.


The           Empowerment Project

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For Middle and High School Students

The HB Empowerment Project (see WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS), a premiere HB product, includes unique training workshops that immerse learners in knowledge during four on-site workshops with standalone group activities: Workshop 1: Multiculturalism and Cultural Integration, Workshop 2: Self-Exploration and Culture, Workshop 3: Communication and Culture, and Workshop 4: Leadership and Social Justice. The Empowerment Project has four goals: (1) to teach students how to accept new customs and values in diverse and changing environments, (2) to encourage students to self-explore by discussing their unique interactions, conversations, and observations, (3) to develop students’ ability to communicate clearly, build trust, and strengthen relationships, and (4) to help students make educated decisions about social issues.

Intercultural Education

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For Educators, Managers, and Organizations

Intercultural education for educators, managers, and organizations is provided through HB programming. The course topics include (1) Intercultural Mindsets, (2) Active Engagement in Diverse Spaces, (3) IQ, Emotional Intelligence, and Cultural Intelligence, and (4) Implicit Biases. Support includes on‐site workshops, mini-conferences, and phone or video conferencing for local businesses.
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The Help Bridge Pilot Project taught me how to approach things in school. It was a great way to help teens better themselves. It was a great experience to learn and gather the materials I received. Dr. Howard-Bostic taught us everything and made it fun to learn."

- Zora Omega Muhammad


The HB Empowerment Project has provided a unique opportunity to encourage young students to attend college and pursue their dreams. I am honored to be charged with this responsibility of mobilizing the next generation."

- Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic


“Commitment is the bridge that merges your goals and bravery.”

― Steve Maraboli

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